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Q. How does tint stick to the window, do I need glue?
Trev, London

Hi Trev,
Window film has a clear lining film - when you peel this away it reveals a sticky surface and this is how it is stuck to the window. You need to spray a water/soap solution onto the window and the sticky side of the film so that you can position the film correctly on the window.

Q. Is window tint fitted to the inside or the outside of the window?
Ben, Wolverhampton

Hi Ben,
Window tint is applied to the inside of the window.

Q. My rear windows have a raised dot matrix edge and the film keeps coming away from this, how do I get it to stick?
Greg, Nottingham

There are a number of ways this problem can be solved - have a look at our dot matrix solutions guide for more information.

Q. After your windows are tinted, when can you roll down the freshly tinted window?

Hi there,
It is advisable to leave the windows closed for 1-2 days after tinting your car.
This is so the film has time to dry completely and won't snag and peel away when you move the window.

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