Dot Matrix Solutions

Some cars have a ceramic dot matrix, like the one pictured below, around the rear windows which can prevent window film from sticking to the window correctly, resulting in an unpleasant white looking strip around the window:

Dot Matrix on Car Window

There are several ways of overcoming the problems caused by dot matrix, and these are listed below.

1. Leave to dry and press down

This method is most effective on windows with only a thin strip of dots. Leave the tint to dry for a few days, and then press the film down onto the dots using your finger or a hard card wrapped in a paper towel. This will help to greatly reduce the white strip.

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2. Painting

Leave the dots un-tinted. After a few days when the window film has dried, mask off the tint using masking tape (making sure to keep a straight edge where the tint meets the dots) and then paint the dots using a black enamel spray paint or some window tint spray.

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3. Gluing

Using clear stationary glue, carefully peel back the tint film from the dot matrix and apply a narrow band of glue to the film where it meets the dots. Lay the film back down and squeegee the glue up to the edge of the film, wiping up any excess glue coming from the film with a paper towel.

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