Vauxhall Astra 5-door - 2015 and newer (K) - Rear bumper protection film

Vauxhall Astra 5-door - 2015 and newer (K) - Rear bumper protection film

Pre-cut scratch and chip clear protection film for the top of the rear bumper on a Vauxhall Astra 5-door - 2015 and newer (K). Protect your paintwork from damage as you lift things in and out of your boot.

Cut to the exact size for your vehicle, no extra cutting required. Easy to apply using soapy water.

Suitable for painted bumpers only.

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Our transparent paint protection film (also known as PPF or clear bra) will protect your paintwork from minor scratches, scuffs and chips. It has unique self healing properties, so any minor damage to the film will heal as it is heated by the sun.

The paint protection film can be removed at a later date and the original paintwork will be in perfect condition. Our paint protection film is a high quality film as used on many performance cars.

Our window tinting kits come in 5 different levels of darkness; the % means how much light is let though - 5% is a very dark tint and 70% is a very light tint.

5% Limo Tint

VW Caddy Van (5% Limo Tint Rear)

Astra Estate (5% Limo Tint Rear)

Ford Fiesta ST (5% Limo Tint Rear)
Discovery (5% Limo Tint Rear)
Discovery (5% Limo Tint Rear)

20% Dark Smoke Tint

Vauxhall Vectra (20% Dark Smoke Rear)

Honda Civic (20% Dark Smoke Rear)

Freelander 2 (20% Dark Smoke Rear)

Vauxhall Astra (20% Dark Smoke Rear)

35% Light Smoke Tint

BMW 3-Series Coupe (35% Light Smoke Rear)

VW Polo GTI (35% Light Smoke Rear)

Range Rover (35% Light Smoke Rear)

Discovery (35% Light Smoke Rear)

In the UK, you can legally tint the rear windows (rear doors and rear windscreen) as dark as you like.

There are laws for the front door windows which should be no darker than a 70% tint.

We do not recommend window tinting the front windscreen.

Please check your local laws if you are outside the UK.

Our HD fitting videos show you exactly how to install pre-cut window tint:

We also offer free advice if you have any tinting related questions.


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