Car window tint gallery

Our gallery contains photos that have been sent in by previous customers showing how their car looks with our pre-cut window tint kits or a roll of our window tint fitted.

You can also get more inspiration using our window tint simulator.

Submit your modified or tinted car via our Facebook page.

5% Limo Tint

Peugeot 5008 (5% Limo Tint Rear)

VW Caddy Van (5% Limo Tint Rear)

Astra Estate (5% Limo Tint Rear)

Ford Fiesta ST (5% Limo Tint Rear)

Astra VXR (5% Limo Tint Rear)
Discovery (5% Limo Tint Rear)
Discovery (5% Limo Tint Rear)

Audi A3 (5% Limo Front and Rear)

Honda Civic (5% Limo Front and Rear)

Ford Focus (5% Limo Rear)

Ford Focus C-Max (50% Ultra Light Front/5% Limo Rear)

20% Dark Smoke Tint

Vauxhall Vectra (20% Dark Smoke Rear)

Audi A4 (20% Dark Smoke Rear)

Honda Civic (20% Dark Smoke Rear)

Mercedes A-Class (20% Dark Smoke Rear)

Freelander 2 (20% Dark Smoke Rear)

SEAT Leon (20% Dark Smoke Tint Rear)

Vauxhall Astra (20% Dark Smoke Rear)

Ford Focus (20% Dark Smoke Rear)

35% Light Smoke Tint

BMW 3-Series Coupe (35% Light Smoke Rear)

VW Polo GTI (35% Light Smoke Rear)

Range Rover (35% Light Smoke Rear)

Fiat Grande Punto (35% Light Smoke Rear)

Discovery (35% Light Front & Rear)

Discovery (35% Light Smoke Rear)

Silver Mirror Tint

BMW M3 (Mirror Tint Front and Rear)

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