5 Top Road Trips (Don’t forget the window tint)

1) Route 66, USA


Spanning over 2400 miles, Route 66 is perhaps the most famous road in the world. It starts in Chicago, Illinois and finishes on the shores of the Pacific Ocean in Santa Monica, California. It takes at least two weeks to complete.


2) Gobi Desert, Mongolia


An extremely remote and barren region in northern China and southern Mongolia, the Gobi Desert is considered to be one of the world’s top travel destinations. It is the largest desert in Asia and home to animals such as bears, camels, gazelles, snow leopards and golden eagles.


3) Costa Smerelda, Sardinia


Meaning ‘Emerald Coast’, Costa Smerelda can be found along the northeast coast of Sardinia, Italy. With breathtaking scenery of around 20 kilometres, it consists of beautiful beaches and turquoise waters.


4) The Karakoram Highway


The Karakoram Highway, often just called KKH, is a 1300 kilometre national highway that connects China and Pakistan across a rocky mountain range. Some say it’s the road to paradise.


5) Tasman Peninsula, Tasmania


Located in south-east Tasmania, the Tasman Peninsula needs a good few days to explore. It has spectacular coastlines as well as blowholes and caves, and is home to some great walks from short and family-friendly to overnight multi-day routes.


We’re off to get packing!




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