Window tint rolls

In the highly unlikely event that we do not have a pre-cut window tinting kit for your car, our rolls of top quality window film are the ideal alternative. We sell only the finest high performance, scratch resistant window tint, available in a range of shades.


We stock a range of window tints in full 30m rolls in various widths suitable for professional installers on our sister website WT Window Films.

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  • 5% Limo Window Tint Rolls

    Rolls of 5% limo black window tint.

  • 20% Dark Smoke Window Tint Rolls
    Rolls of 20% dark smoke window tint.
  • 35% Light Smoke Window Tint Rolls
    Rolls of 35% light smoke window tint.
  • 50% Ultra Light Window Tint Rolls
    Rolls of 50% ultra light smoke car window tint.
  • 70% Ultra/Ultra Light Window Tint Rolls

    Rolls of 70% ultra/ultra light smoke car window tint.

  • Full 30m Window Tint Rolls

    Our range of professional grade car window films are manufactured to a high standard and come in a range of 5 shades. We supply to trade customers and the public throughout the UK, Europe and Worldwide.


    Our full range of car window tints suitable for professional installation is available on our sister website WT Window Films.

  • Window Tint By The Metre

    Our car window tint is available in rolls by the metre. Order as many metres of film as you need - it will all be sent as one roll.

  • Chameleon Window Tint

    We have a range of different coloured chameleon tint all at 82% VLT, which means they are road legal for most vehicles.

  • Solar Window Tint

    Mirrored solar film reduces glare, adds privacy and keeps the interior cool. Available in a range of colours and sizes.

  • Safety Window Film

    Improve your household's safety and security with our optically transparent Safety Window Film. Once installed, your windows are shatterproof and 99% of harmful UV rays are blocked out. 

    Safety window film provides your household/building with protection against break-ins, burglaries, natural disasters, severe weather, freak accidents, and more. Glass windows (with the exception of tempered glass) are not typically designed to resist forced entries, debris from severe weather, sudden force and vandalism. If a pane of glass shatters, it can break into deadly shards that put everybody in the vicinity in danger. Reduce the risk of shattered glass and increase the security of your house with our safety window film. 

  • Decorative and Privacy Household Window Film

    Our range of household and flat glass films provide you with the perfect solution to enhancing your household's privacy and appearance. Ideal for installation anywhere in the home, office, retail or hospitality industry. 

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Showing 1 - 18 of 19 items
Showing 1 - 18 of 19 items
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