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Car Window Tinting Kits

Our DIY window tint kits are pre cut to the size of your cars windows using our high-tech film cutting machines. Tinting kits are available for over 400 cars in a choice of 5 tint shades for rear and front windows. Full fitting instructions are provided. Find out more >

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Window Tinting Tools

We have a wide range of professional window tinting tools and fitting kits available to buy online. View all window tinting tools >

Window tint fitting tools

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Window Tinting Video Guides

Our video library contains video guides showing how to install window tint and how to use different tools. View all window tinting videos >

Window tinting videos

Video library >

Top 5 reasons to fit window tint

Applying window tinting film to your vehicle has a range of benefits, we've picked the top 5 which are listed below:

  1. Improve the look of your car - a tinted car looks better, whether you go for a dark limo tint or a more subtle light smoke tint.
  2. Window tint blocks out up to 99% of the sun's harmful UV rays - protect your little ones.
  3. Keeps your car cool - window film reflects infra red rays from the sun, reducing the heat inside your car by anything up to 60%.
  4. Increase security - a dark tinting film, such as our limo tint, will help hide your valuable passengers or belongings inside the vehicle. It also has the added benefit of holding the window glass together in the event of a break in, slowing down the intruder.
  5. Reduces glare - tinted windows can protect you from sudden glares that may reduce your visibility and in doing so, decrease the chance of an accident.
Top 5 reasons to fit window tint

Car window tint supplier

We supply a range of professional grade car window tint films in 30m (100') length rolls to trade and public. Available in 20", 24", 30" and 40" width rolls. More >

Window tint rolls

Window tint rolls

Our range of high performance window tint rolls are perfect if we don't have a window tinting kit for your car. Available in 7 tint shades.

View all window tint rolls >

Window tinting tools

Window tinting tools

We have a range of professional window tinting tools available. Ideal whether you're tinting for the first time or a window tinting pro.

View all window tinting tools >

Headlight tinting film

Headlight tint film

Change the appearance of your car lights with our headlight tinting film available in 4 different colours.

View all headlight tint >

Car vinyl wrap

Car vinyl wrap

Car vinyl wrap can transform the look of your car and can be fitted internally to dashboards or externally.

View our car vinyl wrap >

Wind deflectors

Wind deflectors

Wind deflectors improve the look of your car and stop rain coming in if your window is slightly open.

View all wind deflectors >

Paint protection film

Car paint protection film

Easy to apply and self-healing, paint protection film will protect your car from stone chips and everyday wear and tear.

View all paint protection film >

Home window film

Home window film

Home window film comes in a range of styles and can be used for decorative, privacy and safety purposes.

View all home window film >

Alloy wheel protectors


Brand new product. Protect your alloy wheels from kerbing and make your car stand out at the same time.

View all Rimblades >

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Window Tint Knowledge Base

How to calculate the VLT of window tint once applied

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